Vending Products

Tomy Toy Shop

The world’s favourite characters from the ultimate capsule dispenser!

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Tiny Toy Shop

Carvill Vending Tiny Toy Shop, providing licenced capsule toys and figures from all of the well known brands provided by Disney, Nintendo and many more!

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Swimwear Vending

Swimwear and Swimming Accessory Vending machines for swimming pools, leisure centres and health spas.

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Teddy Bear Grabbers

Our market leading range of Teddy Bear Grab Cranes are reliable, look great, secure and provide a strong income.

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Chupa Chups

Gain extra revenue by offering the world’s most popular lollipop brand in your venue. Our Chupa Chups branded electric mine is capable of holding over 2,500 Chupa Chups lollipops.

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The Penny Press

The Penny Press is a unique and exciting way for customers to create their own unusual but special souvenir.

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Tattoos & Stickers

Compact vending machines offering up to six different varieties of licensed temporary tattoo and sticker packs.

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The Treat Station

Treat Station provides the opportunity to maximise your floor space and your profits. Vending confectionary like Skittles, Minstrels, Jelly Beans, gobstoppers and gum as well as Tomy Toy products.

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Kids’ Rides

Carvill Vending supply a wide range of licensed and premium coin operated kiddie rides and carousels for kids’ of all ages. Read more

Cut Ur Prize

Cut Ur Prize is a highly successful prize redemption game. Players must use their skill and nerve to cut down prizes held by strings in the games brightly coloured play field.

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